We thought we’d kick off our new blog will a little update on one of our newest clients.

Just Thai Kitchen is a tiny start-up company with big, big ambitions.

Arriving on our doorstep a few months ago with a great product, an open mind and virtually no budget, they asked us to help put them on the map with packaging and a product personaility that would give them ‘stand-out’ in a crowded sector.

A bit of well-intentioned bullying (on our part) was involved, as was the willingness of a client prepared to listen when we didn’t always agree with his ideas. But a great chemistry rapidly evolved, as did a range of packaging that appears to have made him deliriously happy.

Even better, the first production run of this fabulous ‘take-home’ Thai food was a massive hit. New retail outlets are now clamoring for stock. And we’re already re-ordering new packs to help keep up with demand.

All this…and they’re planning to bring a celebration banquet to our office. It’s a tough life!

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