Devastating design, tick. Wicked words, tick. Stunning SEO, tick.

But here’s the rub.

Most clients are hesitant to dabble in design. And most clients are wary of tinkering with SEO. But most (happily not all) clients are tempted to write their own copy…because they think it will save them money.

And that’s where most clients would be wrong.

Crafting the words is critical to the success of a website. The right words must be in sync with SEO. The right words reflect personality, and values, and dovetail with the design. The right words engage the visitor, keeping them interested throughout and persuading them to take positive action.

So, far from saving money with a bit of ‘DIY content’, the clients who invest in Designer + Writer + SEO, all working in tandem (yep, you can have three people working in tandem), are the clients who really know how to get their money’s worth.

Why not call us for a few more words to the wise.

Why not call us for a few more words to the wise.
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